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Permits and Renovations

Why you need to be sure when starting your project. There are four main types of permits most homeowners will run into during renovations in their homes. Building permit Plumbing permit Electrical permit Development permit   Permits protect the homeowner against future liability for insurance purposes and resale value of the property.   BUILDING PERMIT…
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Handicap / Accessible Bathrooms

Handicap accessible renovating and remodelings becoming more important in Calgary and we thought it’s worth sharing some information on the subject. It’s all about independent living. We get lots of calls from homeowners asking about making changes to the bathroom to make it more accessible and safer. This is easier and more economic than many…
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The Exhaut Fan: The most neglected device in your bathroom

HOW YOU KNOW YOU NEED A NEW EXHAUST FAN Mirror totally steams up after shower done and you need to towel it dry to see yourself. You need to open your bathroom door to get rid of the steam. Air feels thick and steamy for minutes after shower is done. Exhaust fan noisy or no…
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The Difference Quality Renovation Makes

Considering renovating your bathroom? Practical issues such as replacing worn out fixtures, repairing leaks or just to spruce up the old tired room the job of deciding how to tackle it can seem overwhelming. It needn’t be so if a few basic principles are kept in mind.   Bathrooms are busy places in tough environments.…
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