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Help! I Have Mold in My Bathroom

WHAT IS MOLD? Mold is a microscopic living organism that floats in the air. Most are harmless – but certain molds are very serious and may require professional remediation. Mold can be annoying to keep under control. WHAT IF I’M CONCERNED ABOUT THE MOLD You can call professional remediation companies that can assess your mold…
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Budgeting for Your Bathroom Renovation

LOW BUDGET 3 PC BATH $7,000 For sprucing up to sell or rent budget $7,000 and up using low cost off-the-shelf fixtures. This is the best option for low budget bath renovation.          MID-BUDGET 3PC BATH $9,000 Cost for same bathroom in a home you’ll be staying in and want to add long-term value you should…
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Shower Glass Enclosures

Bathroom renovations often require custom shower glass enclosure - slider or hinged. Off the shelf – Custom Frameless – Custom Framed – Custom Doorless. Manufactured Shower Glass Systems Usually sliders but some hinged models availableF showers and tub kits5mm to 8mm thick glass48in to 60in wide showers/tubsAvailable at Home Depot and Lowes and good product…
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Barrier-Free Handicap Bathroom Design Basics

Barrier-free bathrooms are becoming important design areas. More owners are choosing to stay in their homes for health and age-related reasons. The bathroom is a key area to make living at home as long as possible a reality. You can incorporate some or all features to make your bathroom safer, convenient and give you more…
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